About Allison Emrey

Hi! Iʼm Allison Emrey from Charlotte, NC. I began playing golf with my dad and my sister when I was five years old. Every weekend we would play nine holes and then go out for pizza together. We had lots of good times, lots of laughs, and lots of extra cheese and pepperoni! This made golf fun for me right from the start. Because I enjoyed playing so much, I kept practicing, and got better every year.

By the time I was old enough to play in my first tournament I was already hooked on the game. I loved the competition, and tournament play inspired me to set goals and keep improving. Some of my childhood tournament highlights were winning the NC High School State Championship when I was a sophomore, the North and South Junior Tournament, and an AJGA Tournament.

After high school I attended Wake Forest University and majored in Computer Science. I continued to grow my game while playing for Wake Forest, and helped my team to achieve many honors including winning a team title, breaking the Wake Forest scoring average for the year, and being named to the WGCA All-American team. At some point during my years of college golf, I realized that my dream was to become a professional golfer. With graduation recently behind me, I am ready to start making that dream a reality. I look forward to my exciting future!