The Symetra Tour annually awards LPGA Tour Membership to the top players on the Race for the Card money list.  Following 20 events in 14 states, this year’s Top Ten were presented on Sunday October 11, 2021.

There are so many ups and downs in a golf season and every week on the Symetra Tour is a true grind. I think it’s the best way to prepare for the LPGA Tour. It was incredible to win my first pro title this season and the victory really pushed me to get here. Since my rookie year in 2016, I have grown so much on and off the course. I’m excited to continue that growth on the LPGA Tour next year.
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A Look Back
Symetra Tour interviewed some of the graduates and asked them to reflect on their start in the sport they love. You can read the whole article here:
My interview is below, but first, a look back to 2004.

“The progression from Girls Golf to LPGA means so much to me. It has not always been easy. I have worked really hard to get where I am. I have never been a player who progresses quickly, so to have stuck with it makes it feel even better.

“Growing up I was always the only girl in all the tournaments I played in. I remember going to my first Peggy Kirk Bell tournament and being amazed at how many other girls there were around the state and country. It was an eye-opening experience and is what kept me playing golf. All my best friends would be at the tournaments and we would go out to dinner after our rounds and have a great time.

“My journey has been tough at times. But I always try to think back about why I love golf when times get tough. A huge majority of that is the memories I have made come from playing in PKB tournaments. Now, I hope to show young girls that if you dream big and commit to your goals, they will come true. It might not be easy and will come later than you think, but if you set your mind to something, anything is possible.”